Monday, December 8, 2008

Reporting on England (HD-108), Bruce (HD-64), Levitas (HD-82), & Fludd (HD-66)

Representative Terry England, District 108, wrote:
Having not seen the legislation yet, I am hesitant to comment. At first blush, I would be in favor of the bill, however I would like to see the bill and have time to think about it in depth before making my final decision.
It seems we need to convince Rep England that he should stand against discrimination instead of standing for it. Please send him an email at

Representative Roger Bruce, District 64, did not want to discuss the matter via email, so I called him. During our conversation Rep Bruce stated he didn't feel a ban would be an issue. He feels if one is introduced and passes that it will be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. Rep Bruce never directly said that he would oppose a ban against LGBT Georgians. I got the vibe that Rep Bruce doesn't want to go on the books as being "gay friendly." Contact Rep Bruce at; let's see if he asks you to call him.

Representative Kevin Levitas, District 82, wrote:
I am opposed to such a ban.

Rep Levitas was short, sweet, to the point, and on our side. Send him a thank you at

Representative Virgil Fludd, District 66, wrote:
It is hard for me to take a position on legislation that I have not seen. However, I do not believe that we should ban adoptions for LGBT Georgians.
Send a thanks to Rep Fludd at

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