Friday, November 28, 2008

Reporting on Kaiser (HD-59), Lindsey (HD-54), & Frazier (HD-123)

Representative Margaret Kaiser, District 59, writes:
I've heard this rumor, as well. The Director of Georgia Equality, also, addressed this issue before the Atlanta-Fulton delegation of legislators last week. I would, absolutely, oppose this.couples that my husband I are very close friends with are gay, have been together a decade longer than we have, and both have adopted children. It boggles my mind to see the mean-spirited, close minded nature of many pieces of legislation I've seen introduced.
Please take a moment to send Rep Kaiser a thank you at

Representative Edward Lindsey, District 54, writes:
It is difficult to judge legislation before reading it. However, I have generally opposed similar total bans in the past.
Feel free to send Representative Lindsey an email at to let him know you'd like to keep to his "generally oppos[ing] ... total bans."

Representative Gloria Frazier, District 123, writes:
Thank you for your concern on how I would vote on this rumor mill adoption legislation. Unfortunately, I do not vote personally on these issues. It is the decision of my constituency that guides my vote. I have no knowledge of this rumor and since it is just that rumor mill, I have no opinion. Until there is actual legislation in the 2009-2010 session, I will then get the consensus of my people in my district and vote accordingly.
Well, I need help finding people in House District 123 to email Rep Frazier( to let her know such legislation shouldn't be supported if introduced.

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